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In the works now - Iceland and California!

We traveled to California for a few days in May and saw the incredible wildflowers!

We just got back from Iceland and the trip was incredible! We had a bit of a hiccup in our plans when WOW folded, but we were able to find new tickets by changing the dates and airport. This was our first camper van road trip and while we loved the convenience and flexibility there where a few problems. Lots more to come but the Iceland Trip Itinerary & Travel Budget, Camping, South, East, and North are live now. Enjoy!

Where to Next?

Grand Canyon - We just got notified that we won the Phantom Ranch Lottery for May 2020! If you haven’t heard of it, no, there is no cash prize, you actually have to pay if you win. This means that we can stay two nights at the bottom of the Grand Canyon next year, something we have been trying to get reservations to do for years.

Thailand & Nepal - We have flights booked to Chiang Mai and Nepal and put down a deposit on an Annapurna Base Camp Trek!

Highlights & New Posts

Northern Iceland.

Northern Iceland

Eastern Iceland.

Eastern Iceland

Southern Iceland
Southern Iceland

Iceland Camping
Iceland Camping

Iceland Trip Itinerary & Travel Budget
Iceland Itinerary

California in Bloom
California in Bloom

Taipei Airport Review

Shanghai Airport Review

Hong Kong - Tips, Tricks, & Things to Know

Vietnam - Tips, Tricks, & Things to Know

Abandoned Castle Ruins - Ireland
Abandoned Castle Ruins - Ireland

Carrowkeel Passage Tombs - Ireland

Thailand - Tiger Cave Temple
Tiger Cave Temple

Hong Kong - Suicide Cliff
Hong Kong Food

Food in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Food

Kinbane Castle - Ireland

Food in Vietnam
Vietnam Food

I also will continue to write about my past trips so look for new articles here on Asia, Europe, and North America.

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