Iceland - Trip Itinerary & Travel Budget

We took an 11 day scenic lap around the country, starting in the lush green south, zigzagging through the fjords of the east, passing through the otherworldly volcanic areas in the north, and topped it off with rounding the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in the west. On this late May trip we generally had pleasant weather, but we encountered rain, fog, snow, wind, and sunshine. We saw tons of wildlife, waterfalls, geothermal hot spots, lava fields, and glaciers. It was an incredible experience! Options included for 4 Day - 11+ Day Trips.

Southern Iceland - Waiting for Geysers, Exploring Secluded Waterfalls, Searching for Puffins, and Glacier Hiking

The lush greenery of the southern coast provided more stunning vistas at every turn with dozens of waterfalls cascading from the cliffs above. While this part of the country is known for hordes of tourists, and we did deal with some, we also found a few magical places to enjoy in peace.

Palm Springs - Hiking Painted Canyon & Ladder Canyon and exploring the area

A little over a year ago much of this area was ravaged by fire, but now the rains have come and life has returned full force in a dramatic way. While these areas are often baked brown, we had the privilege to witness the hills in green and golden splendor. Walking through the hills surrounded by wildflowers that were often taller than us and watching butterflies flit about was magical.