Portugal - Experience Carnaval Festivities on the Island of Madeira

Carnaval in Madeira is a colorful combination of dance, humor, and fun, usually with an edge of the taboo. You never know if around the next corner you will run into women in feathered costumes or men in drag dancing with a pig. The festivities were spread out across a couple weeks with a live dance show every night and most of the events were free to the public.

Peru - Cusco - A guide to eating, sleeping, and sightseeing

Cusco is a colorful city with lots of culture and history. It was once the capital on the Incan Empire and today is a huge tourist hub and backpacker haven. Cusco is one of those places where you can find a bed for the night for anywhere from $5 to $300 and a meal to match. Cradled in the mountains, its winding cobblestone street have a new surprise around every turn, and often a view.