Big Bend National Park - Burro Mesa - A short but rewarding hike

Burro Mesa Pouroff

We did this short hike around 11:30 on a Saturday in March 2018 and we were the only people there. It was an well marked easy trail but very hot. This was a short walk on flat sandy ground but the entire walk was in the full sun. The trail had a unique variety of cacti and plants that we didn’t see in any other part of the park. The pouroff at the end was cool and a natural climbing wall. The stone at the top was very hard volcanic rock that resisted erosion, preventing this from being another canyon. In contrast, the rock at the bottom was porous sandstone. Not a place you would want to be in a rainstorm. It was about a 15 minute walk each way, about 1 mile round trip.

Burro Mesa Sign


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Big Bend

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Big Bend

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Big Bend
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