Unique Places to Stay in Washington from Glamping to Camping, Year Round

Want to get away from it all and stay somewhere really unique? Looking for somewhere special on a tight budget? Want to go camping but nervous about a bear nuzzling your toes in the middle of the night? Like the idea of camping, but like a few extra creature comforts? Just looking for something different? There is something here for you! Washington has luxury hotels with stunning views, backcountry retreats, and plentiful backpacking, but we also have some pretty interesting places that don’t fit most of the normal categories:

Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington - Guide to Backpacking or Hiking the Goat Ridge - Snowgrass Flat Loop

The Goat Rocks Wilderness sits between three volcanoes and in the summer it is a paradise for flower lovers. You won’t have to worry about being alone on this trail, but there is enough space to find a little solitude if desired. The map below shows our route and includes photos of many of the campsites and water sources. This article is still in process so please stop back or subscribe to our newsletter or Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss anything.

High Pass & Winchester Mountain, Washington - Twin Lakes Weekend Camping Trip with the Aliens

This backpacking adventure had phenomenal mountain views and stunning lakes, laced with delicious berries. At night we had the beautiful milky way shining brightly overhead, along with some other strange lights. We found solitude on High Pass and friendly comradery everywhere else. The fall colors were particularly spectacular. If you have been wanting to try backpacking, but are scared of sleeping outside with the animals, I think the number of people here should alleviate your worries some and this is a nice easy place to give it a try.

Eightmile Caroline Zone, Washington - Backpacking or Hiking the Ugly Duckling of the Enchantments

The Enchantments is a wildly popular hiking area and camping permits are difficult to get for most zones. The Eightmile Caroline Zone seems to be a bit of the ugly duckling. As the least loved area it is the easiest to get permits for and the best if you are looking to avoid the crowds. Just because it is the least loved doesn’t mean it isn’t stunning. The Eightmile Caroline Zone offers views of a glacier, jagged mountain peaks, clear alpine lakes, vibrant meadows, and a couple optional mountain scrambles if you wish to challenge yourself.

Chelan Lakeshore Trail to Stehekin, Washington - Weekend Backpacking Adventure

This was my first-ever true backpacking trip and it was fantastic! Lake Chelan is a narrow strip of icey blue water surrounded by snow-cover peaks and it reminded me of a fjord. This is not a beginner hike, but the campsites have a lot of amenities that make backpacking easier and allow for a lighter pack. Trailhead access is by boat only, and a reservation is needed, so a little planning is required.